Location: Long Phuoc Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City
Scale: 30 hectares
Number of villas: 168
Size of villa : From 1,000 – 1,500 sm/unit
Type: Garden villa
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There is a saying in Feng Shui “Mountains protect people, rivers protect prosperity”, so owning a riverside villa is considered precious than fine gold in the most dynamic and crowded city of the country. Therefore, Saigon Garden Riverside Village is not only an expensive property for those who love peaceful space in a separate world but also an asset that accumulates values and honors the social status of its successful owners.

children's playgrounds
yacht side
Club house - swimming pools
tennis courts
24-hour security service
professional garden-care service
home-care service

Because of the proud life, for all successes achieved, Saigon Garden Riverside Village is a place for noble owners to enjoy and affirm their lifestyle with different experiences. Saigon Garden Riverside Village – a quiet place to enjoy life, to let the taste of families’ happiness last endless, and every day is a holiday without having to travel anywhere.

Characterized by a pure ecological space, each villa is designed in an open way to connect with fresh nature and full of vitality as well as to receive prosperous sources. Thanks to spacious space, each villa is favored with a wide view to catch the early sunshine, fresh winds and natural lights into the house. Especially, garden spaces are used as a highlight for the overall architecture in order to create new and impressive features like joyful melodies of life.
Where the home is woven with full of love
A place to plant the seed of dreams and nurture them every day
A place to respect and save every single moment of reunion
A peaceful place to pamper your steps through green paths
A fresh, relaxing and peaceful living environment
A place to connect and share simple things
A place to do exercise and boost up health
A place to fully enjoy vital force and river vitality


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Special cautions has been taken while preparing the content on this website. All infomation/images/drawings only show the specifications, aesthetics and creativity at the time of being posted and for references only and do not accurately represent real construction conditions or parts of the contract.

Hotline: 1900 6958

In the warm sunshine, the harmony of the freshness of river with the sky and clouds nourishes and circulates the air flows to bring prosperity and fortune to the homeowners.
There is no need to wait till weekends for a vacation, homeowners are able to indulge in fresh water of swimming pools whenever in a private and quiet space.
The fresh green of plants helps strengthen the vitality of life for a house. This is the perfect resort for your body and mind, to recharge energy for a perfect day start.
A gentle and quiet space to enjoy peaceful and relaxing moments, eliminating all daily worries to mingle with nature every day.
A private and unique resort space is only for sophisticated guests to experience and enjoy all elite values of life in a special and individual style.
Thanks to the riverside position and also the core of superior lifestyle location, Saigon Garden Riverside Village deserves a place for successful people to build a solid foundation for the present and a bright and sustainable future ahead.
Tại SAIGON GARDEN RIVERSIDE VILLAGE, mỗi đường nét thiết kế đều được đặc biệt chú trọng nhằm tạo nét hài hòa, ấn tượng cho từng căn hộ. Với tầm nhìn view biển xanh mát, ở SAIGON GARDEN RIVERSIDE VILLAGE tưởng như chỉ cần với tay ra là có thể chạm vào biển cả bao la.
SAIGON GARDEN RIVERSIDE VILLAGE sẽ là “ngôi nhà thứ 2” tuyệt vời, mãi thuộc về bạn và những người thân yêu. Sở hữu lâu dài căn hộ đẳng cấp bên biển, ngay giữa trung tâm vùng du lịch chính là lựa chọn thông minh của những chủ nhân thức thời.
Thanks to the riverside position and also the core of superior lifestyle location, Saigon Garden Riverside Village deserves a place for successful people to build a solid foundation for the present and a bright and sustainable future ahead.
SaiGon Garden Resort Property Joint Stock Company, a member of Hung Thinh Corporation, is an enterprise operating in the field of real estate and resort business. With strong financial potentials and years of experience in real estate, Saigon Garden will bring more quality and aesthetic products to customers.
Property X Joint Stock Company (Property X) is a professional operation unit in the field of real estate marketing and distribution. Property X owns a team of 1,200 people and a system of 9 property exchanges in Ho Chi Minh City and all provinces across the country.
Hung Thinh Incons Corporation (Hung Thinh Incons) is a reputable enterprise in the field of investment, design and construction. With the strength of technology and a team of experienced architects, engineers and workers, Hung Thinh Incons always strives to complete on schedule, ensure the quality, technical and fine art of the company works.
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